Kikori District Five Year Development Plan 2018-2022

Kikori 5 Year Development plan
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Hon. Soroi Marepo Eoe, MP, Member for Kikori and Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade along with the Kikori District Development Authority, is pleased to present to the public, the 5 Year Development Plan for Kikori District.

The Plan is a detailed and comprehensive plan which was formulated inline with PNGs. It is devised to provide a clear directional pathway for programmatic approach to development planning in the District. The Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government (section 33 A) requires Districts to have their own development plans. To satisfy the requirement, this Plan is intended to provide a visible logical framework for development activities in the District over the next five years, which commenced in 2018.


“KIKORI DISTRICT VISION; is to achieve an economically progressive district by improving the Social Well-being of every citizen of Kikori Electorate thus enabling our people to be both Participants and Beneficiaries to Development”, Etched into our development plan is our hope for Kikori District of the Gulf Province. Planning is akin to journey, just as a person must know his /her “destiny” before he/she embarks on it, so is the Political Leadership. The leader must be “articulated and visionary” and must be able to plan ahead. Strategic Planning in terms of systematic allocation of scarce resources where it is really required is an important tool if genuine development is to take place. In my view “humans” must be central to any planning process! Plan that do not allow for humans both as “Participant as well as Beneficiaries” is bound to fail if the plan fail to achieve these important requirements.

It is no ‘secret’ that Kikori District is the “least developed” district in the Gulf Province and no doubt the whole of Papua New Guinea. It has the lowest “socio-economic” indicators mainly due to years of bad leadership and poor geographical conditions. My “priority” therefore is to change both the physical outlook of the district as well as the mindset of my people to meaningfully contribute to developmental initiatives of the district in the next 5 years.

This Plan outlines strategic direction I wish to see Kikori District to move in the next 5 -10 years.  My Vision is to ensure that the District is socially, environmentally, politically and economically progressive by investing into socio-economic infrastructure and the people thus enabling the citizens to be educated and healthy to be able to meaningful participants in the development process and whilst enjoying the benefits of “modernity” and in the process bring the district to next level of development; “MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIALISATION”. 

Kikori District will implement these projects over the next 5 years to create a conducive environment to harness the various petroleum projects and Gas associated industries within the Kikori District.

Under my leadership we have also formulated an economic envelope around all of our resources, our land and our people to safeguard our environment and future generations through the development of a Special Economic Zone to be pursued under the National Government’s Free Trade Zone Act 2000. The Ihu special economic zone (ISEZ) shall be a fully integrated industrial processing manufacturing hub with import/export driven deep sea port and airport. The ISEZ when fully developed shall generate billions of kina in revenue, grow SMEs and create generational employment.

For this Plan to work, the people must take full ownership of this plan and therefore require the total cooperation of all its citizens, moreso the Public Servants. This calls for a new mindset that is more akin to that in the ‘Private Sector’ where honesty, discipline, commitment, diligence and heightened productivity provide the bases for durable workplace culture.

The challenge is for key institutions such as Provincial Administration in particular Officers of Kikori District Administration to drive the Kikori Vision through this 5 Year Development Plan 2018-2022.

Finally, in line with the Alotau Accord II and national governments Medium Term Development Plan III, we have identified in our 5-year development plan three key pillars for real tangible and sustainable development for Kikori District;

  1.   the people;                the landowners from the land must be respected and their agendas must                                        be front-loaded in all forms of development,
  2.  the environment;      due care must be given to our land and culture and preserved for                                                      future generations, and
  3. risk management;     natural disasters and emergency response plans are vital to our                                                           people’s progressive development

With that, I am humbled to present you our 5 Year Development Plan for Kikori District.”


Hon. Soroi Marepo Eoe, 

Member for Kikori Open Electorate and Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Trade