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Open Member’s Message – Hon. Soroi Marepo Eoe

It is with much pleasure for me to introduce to you what my District can offer to the rest of Papua New Guinea. Kikori District is not only blessed with natural resources but it is a strategic location, positioned to deliver Government’s strategic policies and programs (MTDG and LTDG 2030 – 2050) that will boost economic activities throughout the country, and become the answer to the ‘Missing Link’ connecting the highlands provinces, and Momase region to the nation’s capital.

Kikori District is also presumed to be the country’s economic frontier for the future, with its abundant Pertroleum resources, fisheries, agriculture, forest products such as timber, potential coal mining and many others. About 17.8 TCF of discovered proven economical gas reserves are in Kikori, which represent 80% of the country’s total gas reserves of over 19 TCF.

My district currently hosts Kutubu Oil export pipeline and terminal, PNG LNG Project pipeline, and will soon host the country’s second LNG project in Papua LNG Project, and Pasca Gas Condensate Project. These massive projects will no doubt make significant contribution to the country’s economy growth into the future, increase country’s GDP, creating employment, boosting growth in the SME sector, local and national content, and improve livelihood through infrastructure development.

Whilst I applaud the Government’s policy initiatives to deliver infrastructure in the rural areas, for the benefit of the vast population, Kikori District had over the years remained in dire need of basic infrastructure development to service over 51, 000 people, including young adults, teenage, children and old age. Basic services for my people have been denied mainly because there is no road network linking to mainland Kerema, no wharfs and jetties, lack of proper District township, no serviceable airstrips, lack of clean water power supply amongst others. Unavailability of these basic infrastructures had affected the District’s education system, health, SME activities, local economy growth and human resource development.

We have designed our website to be on par with today’s technology. I trust that you will find the Kikori District website user-friendly, easy to navigate and locate the information you need. However, if you need further assistance, seek more information, or you wish to make some comments on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@kikoridistrict.com

Thank you for visiting our website.

Hon. Soroi Marepo Eoe
Minister for Community Development, Youth & Religion and Member for Kikori Open Electorate